Saturday, August 26, 2006

freshman crew...may hall...2000-2001

marlo, the admiral in his glory, stroke, jo-jo, cap'n nike, tuff cookie, zach james...snowboard squad '00.
the canyons...our battleground and sweet escape from reality 3-5 times a week. who wouldn't want that reality?

melzer, katz, giles...2001

.dorm life- is there anything sweeter? hmmm, what you don't see is francis' creepy as all get out roommate in that shot. where are the poker chips and blender? scoreboard anyone?

mr. francis and the accountant himself. marlo has always been serious.

Jacob Porter Melzer...need i say more? well yes actually. above mr melzer is trying his best to pull of a lil hugh heffner action. that or quite possibly is prepping for his corn rows...yes kids, corn rows.

notice the wall of amazing behind jake's head. oh glorious wall of amazing!

admiral jorgenson and his sweet, sweet lullabies. hey, matt's part of it!

mr. tyson craig brown...a night to remember and probably the only thing that zach james was ever good for. thats quite a smile on your face ninja.

bruthas from different muthas

i was driving down 7th east yesterday to go pick up a monstrous philly cheese steak sandwich from IP when i noticed a mr. t brown's blazer drive by. i thought about just keepin on keepin on, but turned around to chase him down. i pulled up beside the blazer to say hi, and to my surprise it was not mr. brown, but the the new mrs. jenny brown rolling around provo. we chatted for the time it took the light to change and drove our seperate ways. she told me that ty would be up tomorrow and they were excited to chill again.

which got me thinking...i have probably the coolest friends anyone could ask for. honestly, they are the most solid, funny, smart, talented and down to earth kids i know. one of the coolest thing about this little group is most of us are married now, and all our wives kick it too. no drama. so, from me to you, i feel sorry for whoever is not friends with them...the 32 crew, the brittany 190 adventure crew, the la costa boys, the coonahs... much luv fellas. you da man. (collectively) bidnay anyone?

welcome to blogville

so this is the first time i have ever created a blog and posted anything. i never thought that i had anything cool to say, inspiring, or just plain funny. but then i realized that i have fans everywhere. i may not be a man of many words, but what i do say carries a lot of weight apparently...or so i am told.

i just got back in provo from being on vacation in ENC for a i can't wait to move back to california. its glorious. the only problem was the traffic- which is cliche to say, but the del mar races really know how to clogg up I-5. but thats all compensated when you are scarfin down a two pound bean/cheese/rice/guacamole burrito from the infamous Rico's. i owe my life to that place.

the other problem i guess was being away from my hot wife. she's hillarious. just being back with her makes me realize how much of a keeper she is. not like i doubted it before, but being away i forgot about all her little quirks. she is amazing. for those of you who know Erika, i hope you consider yourself as blessed as i do.

well, i think thats it for now. if any nuggets of inspiration drift my way, i will post them.