Tuesday, February 03, 2009


there is no excuse for my lack of posting.other than the fact that for the past 2 months i get an average of 12-15 hours of sleep a week. so sue me. life is good though. a new quarter at NSAD = new stress and new level of expectations. i have done pretty decent though...managed to get an award for a model i built. i might post pics of that later. but, i have come to the conclusion that writing about myself is pretty boring...plus i am just not that into myself. instead, lets write about what i like, what i wish i could do or have. not in a materialistic sense, but more character and talent. so with no further a due: to quote my wife-
"i am really into......"

ASCII art. it blows my mind. take a step back and look at these images. they are titled "as complex as it it" and "the guitar king". they rock my world.

moleskin. these notebooks are an architecture students best friend. way better than a sketch book, these little nuggets give the sense of quality and a "booky" feeling. when grad school is done, i can't wait to look through all my moleskins as they line my bookshelves.

typography. love fonts.love creating new ways to manipulate text. i am a total font geek.

stayed tuned for next time.