Thursday, May 31, 2007

one month in the ENC

Over the past month a lot of crap has gone down.i pretty much suck at keeping this blog updated...sorry to loke stroke fans out there. i could throw out yet again another list of this and that, highlight shot-outs, etc...but alas, i don't have the energy nor the memory to put it all down. i suppose i will let my brain spill a bit, and my thoughts fly out freely and uninterrupted.

I have now been working at Aquatic Design Group for a month now, and learning a ton about the business, design, architecture and life working 40 hours a week. Before working full time me and the mrs. were able to enjoy the good life, vacationing and jet setting around the country. We went up to Lake Havasu for a weekend, where we basked in the the hot AZ sun, and dominated wakeboarding.Thanks Jon and Mary for hooking us up!!

Something that also happened was my nephew Drew turned one. Like the amazing mother that she is, Miq threw a birthday bash for the little tyke. its been said that Drewl is a spittin image of yours truly when I was his age. Quite freaky it is, because its true. For loke stroke fans out there, here ya go- me 24 years ago:

Another trip I got to take was out to Washington DC for G-rides wedding. I had never been out to DC and to be perfectly honest, never really wanted or thought to go out there. our nation's capital, the land of politics and political people--if anyone knows me, they know that politics are not my forte or my cup o tea. However, I loved goin out back east! I met up with friends till the end Chris and Sarita and we definitely bonded since we only knew each other during the festivities. The DC temple was beautiful and so was the Maryland countryside. I felt like I was in a movie most of the time. Its so quaint, green and the people in MD are so nice. Here are a couple shots of the bride and groom, Mr and Mrs. Garrett Giles-

More updates of life back in the ENC is in the works. hasta la proxima