Tuesday, October 31, 2006

dropping the ball

so this past weekend was a sad one folks. nothing tragic happened, nothing exciting. just sad. it was sad because i totally let erika down and that is probably the worst feeling that i can have. the thing that sucks is that i was trying to plan all week long a fun date to take her on.it being around halloween there are lots of haunted houses and such to check out. erika loves scary things and its the perfect time for it.i had been making calls all week to get other friends to come along, but it all came down to saturday afternoon and no one could go. sadly, we just went to dinner then went home to watch a movie on tv. i write this because i feel like i owe her an apology, becuase even though our friends couldn't go out, i should have taken her out all by ourselves. besides thats what its all about anyway right?making her feel loved and special. those of you who are married know how much it hurts when you know you have let someone down, even though they claim to not care. for all the guys out there, we should consider ourselves lucky that our wives still keep us around after dropping the ball soo much. at least i feel lucky.

i feel lucky to be in the game still, and have a wife who does so much for me. its the little things ya know? as i sit hear i realize that there are so many little things that she does for me everyday. lots of times i drop the ball and don't recognize them or just fail to acknowledge them.little things like get my favorite ice cream at the store, or taking out buster early in the morning. or paying all the bills on time.i really am lucky to have such a keeper of a wife and that she keeps me around.i am sorry that i dropped the ball snig. i love you.thanks for all you do.