Tuesday, October 23, 2007

throw another shrimp on the barbie

so as most of you know, life has been a little hectic the past few days.if you don't know, get your head out of the sand and look at the news.there are massive fires all along southern California including San Diego, Malibu and Santa Clarita.me and both of my sisters have had to evacuate from our homes and camp out in greener pastures. thats a stretch saying greener pastures because the smoke and ash is insane...

have you ever seen the movie Backdraft? thats basically san diego right now. Too bad Billy Baldwin and Kurt Russell can't come and rescue us. its actually not that bad, though.(for us anyway. san diego has been hit hard- but we are lucky to be safe and not too affected.) i suppose i am being dramatic. the air quality is definitely struggling- you can't really be outside for more than a couple minutes without wanting to puke. its raining ash and soot, covering everything with a gritty gray film...the sky is hazy and has an eerie orange tint to it- like you were wearing some 80's throwback oakleys with orange lenses or some snowboarding goggles with amber lenses for hazy days. nasty eh? i did not retouch this with photoshop.

basically everything has shut down- businesses, schools, freeways. its like a freakin ghost town around here. people were scrambling to get gas and get "the heck outta dodge"...all that madness caused some local gas stations to shut down. the only thing that has been open is good ole McD's. Gotta satisfy those chicken nugget and mcflurry cravings i suppose. local grade schools have shut down for the week...most universities are down to. i got a couple of days off...nice not having to commute to downtown. that just means i gotta work double time when we do have school again.

the missionaries have been shipped over to my parent's home from Poway and Ramona- their areas have basically burned down. who ordered the extra crispy? i feel bad for them because they have nothing to do. thats the worst thing as a missionary- feeling useless and helpless. i feel even worse for my mom, having to try and entertain them.

one thing that is really annoying about all this is the fact that the surf is firing right now. the offshore winds are making all spots open up and produce some of the best surf i have ever seen. problem is you can't breathe. that doesn't stop the die-hards though. i have seen people scramble to the beach holding towels and handkerchiefs over there mouths as they run across the street onto the sand. if you can't breath while you walk, how can you possibly breath while you surf? insane. even though i am dying for some good surf, i would rather keep my lungs please.