Sunday, October 14, 2007

the update as promised

so i find myself posting a lot the same phrase: "more details to come" or something to that effect, yet rarely follow through. so i am trying to be a man of my word here on my previous posting.
La Escuela:
I am loving my grad school experience thus far and will break it down for ya.

the STUDENTS: NSAD is somewhat of an art school, so there is a huge population of really creative, eccentric, artsy-fartsy types. which is a refreshing change from the provo zoobie. i love being surrounded by BIG thinkers, and those who think outside the box. most of my fellow students are really nice, friendly and pretty down. i envisioned math cronies and engineers, with pocket protectors who could tell you the first 57 numbers of pi. i also envisioned pompous, egotistical know-it-alls, with a chip on there shoulder ready to prove anyone and everyone wrong.there are a couple of supercharged egoes with legs, but i suppose there must be opposition in all things.

the STAFF: its comprised of working professionals who work in the field as their full time job, then somehow find the energy to come down and teach us a thing or two. i can't help but compare to BYU professors, who were great in many ways, but struggled in others. in my previous college experience i found that the professors usually had a god-complex, and treated you as peons. as i got into upper level courses, that kinda faded, but there still was a distinct vibe of "I am teacher, you are student." i found my learning is much different thus far...the entire "campus"( i put that in parenthesis because it consists of 3 buildings) is much more laid back. everyone calls each other by their first names, students, teachers, administrators,etc. there is an evened out playing field i guess. where learning is exhibited and experienced across the board by both young and old, student and teacher.its pretty kinda funny thing is my studio teacher totally reminds me of my cousin Joel. imagine lil brown joel with an afro (and no receding hairline i suppose ;) ) and you got Avery. he is the man- graphic artist, designer, fine arts guru, and a multi-media warrior.

the LOAD- so far its pretty normal. my homework and school work mainly consists of projects, drawing, constructing models, creating--which i love. then there is the typical reading. can't get away from that i suppose. working anywhere from20 to 26 hours a week is doable, so far...knock on wood...without drowning.that will most likely change once i get into more heavy hitting classes and thesis writing etc. i know i have a tough road ahead of me, one that will require me to stretch my thinking and limitations, but i am stoked off the process.

the coolest thing is how excited i am about being in school. erika posed the question "who are you and what have you done with Tone," the other day becuase i was excited about going to school and talking with my professor. i sometimes ask the same question, with a smile, as i realize what i am becoming.