Thursday, December 06, 2007

all i want for christmas is...

the etrain asked me to put down her x-mas wishes for the christmas this year.
the third book of that vampire series by stephanie meyer- Eclipse
gift certificates are always clutch- anthropologie, bloomingdales, nordstrom,
american apparel deep v-neck tees.

me...i want a hoola hoop.

are germans mexican?

so as i was driving home from school tonight...a lovely commute to and from downtown, that i do 4 glorious times a week...a thought occurred to me. seeing how i served an LDS mission in the motherland-aka EspaƱa- and graduated with a bachelors degree in spanish, i often think in spanish. randomly i will talk to myself, or say some phrase in spanish to others. i think partly because A) i don't want to loose it, and B) it just happens-i have been immersed in it by some form or another since 2001.

ANYWHO... my point is, as i was driving home, i was in a "spanish mood" and noticed a mercedes benz infront of me. i then realized that mercedes is a spanish word. "'merced" translated is mercy, making mercedes "mercies." how many countries did los conquistadores conquer after all? think about it...

Monday, December 03, 2007

all tied up

i really should not be blogging, but i feel like it liberates me in some weird way. i suppose just writing releases angst, frustrations, lets the crazy thoughts in my head escape and in more than one ways is therapeutic. besides, my g-ma just discovered my blog and thought it to be nothing short of comical hilarity. who wants to disappoint the abuelita?

so as you may guessed by my title and fabulous graphical representation thanks to DCFC, its the end of the quarter, which means projects, papers and pandemonium---oh my! i feel like a got a grip on the situation. but inevitably will be having some late nights over the next week. the good ole cliche "when it rains, it pours" could not be more true right now. so, i suppose i will do my mother proud and let the blog and loyal avid lokestroke fans suffer...a man needs his sleep and noone knows that better than me. keep me in your prayers folks. the loins are girded, but i can always use a lil help from the divine.