Tuesday, May 01, 2007

"a lot of people go to college for 7 years."

i have reached a another milestone kids.crazy as it may seem, and much to everyone's disbelief and faith in my academic skills, i have walked the walk and moved on out of the p-town bubble as a cougar grad. back in the day i was anti walking in graduation...i preferred to leave the bubble early and not mess with the crowds, the utahrded drivers etc., etc. however, i am glad that i was persuaded to walk at graduation(thanks for making me do it mom). it was a really weird feeling to be "one of those people" graduating from BYU. it has always seemed so far off, or just kind of something never quite in my grasp.

It didn't take me as long as anticipated- once i got a fire lit under my butt.(i have the etrain and mom to thank for that) Considering my leave of absence for 2 years to serve the gente in Spain, it only took one year longer than scheduled. Actually, i planned on staying in college for as long as possible...livin the college lifestyle and avoiding "the real world," so technically i am ahead of schedule.So it is on to bigger and better things.

one thing that i have been missing though is the bubble- as lame as it may sound, and for as much as i wanted to fight it, provo was a cool place to be for the past five years. let me explain for all those haters out there...p-town was a place where i feel like i truly came into my own. I grew up a lot while i was there, and think that i owe all of my growth from my amazing friends. i have said it before, and i will never tire of saying it again, but my friends were the greatest. that's what provo is to me.
Its a place where you can meet so many people, and spend so much time with those great people. i don't wanna get too sappy here. sorry. seriously though, from the cooners to the brittany 190 adventure squad its been a trip. it truly is an end of an era. in true loke stroke fashion (and Leno i suppose) i will bust out a couple of top 10 lists for P-town.

Why i will miss p-town
10. J-dawgs
9. Rio and Bajio
8.the perch
7. 3 girl blanket
6.whiffle ball--short lived, but amazing
5.park city snowboarding trips
4.3 tacos and fries for $2.14
3.the homies
2.bidnay sessions
1.cheap gas

why i WON'T miss the bubble
10.zoobies and utah jazz fans
9.provo burn outs...there comes a time where everyone needs to move on
8.provo police
7.p-town acronyms...pda, dtr,dt..
6.snow...the weather in general is whack
5.loud,annoying neighbors who constantly sing opera
4.no parking anywhere
3.the soapbox and tools playing guitars/ukuleles to impress chicks.
2.people that refer to california as "cali"
1.utahrd drivers

it was a fun run while it lasted provo! to all those who are still there: "God speed brethren!"