Sunday, November 15, 2009

all i want for xmas is....

i have been asked by several peeps what i want for christmas this year. the truth is i can't really think of anything i am dying to have. i am so consumed with thesis, that anything fun or outside the realm of school is kind of out of an afterthought. i am a simple man- jeans and tees. those are always good staples. but i have racked my brain to come up with some things that i could use, during those few hours a week where i am not thinking about adjacencies, aperture, sustainability and analysis- (that's architecture jargon- do i sound smart yet?) in no particular order- here you go asked for it, may God have mercy on your soul.

Surfing DVDs
Rob The Mob's new flick.

Dane and Clay's vid- i wish i surfed like these two

my sunglasses broke, so here are some from Urban.

"blackout sunglasses" from urban outfitters.

i have seen these at Hansen's but you can also get them direct from Channel Islands.

Philips iphone dock. its amazing

other than that. all set. as always gift cards are always good- any surf shop, urban outfitters, apple, amazon. also fast food-

what do YOU want for christmas?