Wednesday, November 07, 2007

more cowbell

ok, so they don't use a cowbell but there is definite cowbell potential. this is my new favorite band. i got hooked on them about a week ago, thanks to my friend Lauren...aka L.boogz. she works with the mrs. and they are now attached at the hip. we went to the Dirty Sweet show on fri night at Canes in PB and it rocked me into oblivion. classic rock just got classier...check those dudes out- old school. the beards, staches, long freakin hair...they are truly from a different time. if you are into classic rock with face-melting riffs and vocals, you must check out the dirty. its been on a loop on my ipod all week.

i suppose i should update about FIRESTORM 2007- all is well in sd. well, for the most part. actually, lost of homes got burned and destroyed and there is a huge city wide relief effort goin down to restore, rebuild and replenish hope in the affected families. as for me and my house, we are safe and normal. a day or so was all we were inconvenienced. really lucky and thankful that we were safe. my inlaws got about the closest you could get- the fire came right up to their house, literally, and stopped at the fence. just an avocado tree was burned...thank you firefighters!

what else is goin on... pressure is on this week. projects, papers and tests oh my !! mid-semester pains are peeking their evil head out next week. a couple of doozies, but i think i will be able to handle it. i still am ejnoying the architecture thang. school is good and i am making better friends with my class buddies. i could deal without the drive...if only....

self proclaimed best husband ever: yesiree. i happen to listen to a local radio station, who was playing a mystery song each morning last week, then revealing the artist on fri. i happen to recognize the band...long story short, I ended up hooking etrain with a personal visit with her favorite band at the radio station. who is that you say? mmmmmm....let me think aBOut that Please. you do the math. needless to say, she was elated- got to listen to them gab with the DJs, play a few tunes and then she and her friend got a private tour of their tour bus. you will have to ask her all about it. she would LOVE to tell you.