Saturday, February 09, 2008

she aint no pigeon

so i have to throw out a disclaimer to all my fans, friends and family out there. most of your who read up on the blog are people who i speak with and or communicate with in some form or another regularly. if you are not in my phone, and you read this...maybe you should leave your number and we can chat it up. back to the was a very exciting day for us. for those of you who really known erika, you know that at one point in her life she wanted to be a doctor.

she just had one little set back of reaching her dream- in her own words, she hates "blood and guts." kinda hard to be a doc without that, right? i think she may have realized that she couldn't become a doctor when she first had to dissect an earthworm in middle school and couldn't handle it. even today at the ripe age of 23, she is squeamish at the sight of her own blood, as minimal as it may be- like a stubbed pinky toe.

but today she got one step closer to realizing her childhood dream. she just got a job working for a doctor in a medi-spa. working in aesthetics has landed her a job working side by side with an experienced doctor who performs all sorts of cosmetic miracles. laser hair removal, laser facials, weight-loss, juviderm, and many other high tech medi-spa treatments that i can't name. (nor should i even know being a man and all.) she is so excited to be able to work in this type of environment. i am so proud of her and excited to watch her grow, and progress farther into her line of work. she will be doing massage, microderms, facials and a whole slew of other tasty treatments.

back to the i sent out a mass text to all our friends, letting them know about erika's new gig. it wasn't until i spoke with someone later tonight that made me realize that my text might have seemed a little pushy or guilt-trippy. if you were offended, taken back, or felt pressured or rubbed the wrong way..i apologize. thats the problem with text messaging. no tone involved. i would never try to force anyone or guilt trip any of you. i was just really excited for my lady. so 1000 apologies, and nothing but love. YEAH E-TRAIN!!!