Thursday, October 23, 2008


so my dream has come true sportsfans. this week marks a huge revisit of the past that i am thrilled about. for those of you who don't know, me and the mrs. met at the fact on our first encounter i taught the beauty how to surf (and loved every minute of it...i would bet she did too) so this weekend we got a fullsuit for E to surf in. she has been wanting to try new kinds of work outs for a while, trying to ween off of running- its literally ruined her feet. so she has been swimming, doing yoga and now surfing. YEAH BUDDY!!
so naturally i am thrilled. we took her out to this place- . usually a pretty mellow beach break, and where the infamous Kahuna Bob has his surf school, we came up on high tide and chest to head-high sets rolling in. erika dominated- never missed a beat- got up first try and even could hang solo as i took off on my own to take advantage of the rare good surf. she had the biggest smile the whole time and i am looking forward to having another surf buddy to roll with. she has caught the bug kids, and i am lovin every minute of it!