Monday, April 09, 2007

i'll be home for easter

me and the mrs. came home for this past weekend and thoroughly enjoyed our stay. it defintely was fun to stay home at both our parents' houses and see the fams. I woke up early on thursday morning and enjoyed the first surf sesh in about 6 months. i think the last time i surfed was in November! the surf was really good, pretty glassy, firing lefts and waist to head high sets. because it was pretty good, the joint was packed (i went to Beacons)which made for some interesting situations. one of my favorites was old man withers trying to fight a dude for "snaking" his wave. its really annoying when you have to battle for waves, especially with old locals who think they are local gods, with the right to every good wave. the greatest thing about the surf sessions was listening to my ipod in the water!
it was really good to go home, even if it was a quick trip. It was kind of a teaser, because we knew that we would be comin back in just a couple weeks for good. the best part about goin home was kickin it with the fam. We got to spend a lot of quality time with both families- even if some members were missing-John and Jeff in Moab destroying rental jeeps, Jose in NYC and Miq and the gang with the Provosts. The count down has officially begun though- i think it began lke 3 months ago actually- but time is really coming to an end in p-town. april is half over and we move down to SD on the 28! loco, ese loco.