Thursday, November 22, 2007


so i haven't posted in a couple weeks...time flies when you are havin fun.(by fun i mean balancing grad school, work, a family,church...). the past few weeks have been a challenge and have tested my limits and patience. school has been killer- midterms, big projects and papers. i pulled my first true all-nighter since i was a freshman at the Y. oh if it could have been that. the last all-nighter was spent with new friends (who now i consider the best people i know, and best friends anyone could ever have) in dorm room, playing videogames & loud music, pissing off the RA, breaking stuff and creating the fabric of what would become the infamous "wall of amazing."

this past one was spent rummaging through research on different ancient civilizations, comparing and contrasting architectural and cultural innovations. 10 pages later and a few highly caffeinated drinks i was off to work and ready to take on a new day. which happened to be the day that i had a visit with Dr. Eli- expert on sleep disorders- kinda fitting eh? in said visit i was tested and prodded with various instruments- checking my breathing canals, tissue in nasal passage and who knows what else. i was then fitted for a mouthguard to wear at night because i apparently clench my jaw while i sleep. the most dramatic discovery by the Doc was my prognosis for surgery. he set up an appointment to give my tonsils the boot. so on dec. 12 i will go under the knife, and be down for a week. nothing but pudding and popsicles.word.

so back to the title of this monstrous blog- i do have a lot to be thankful for this year. it has been a good one. full of new challenges, growth, reminders of what and who i have to make my life pretty good- so in lokestroke fashion the following is what i have to be full of thanks:
(in no particular order)

1.prescription drugs- i now can sleep with the help of a tiny pink pill. life is no fun with no good night sleep.

2.amazing friends- being away from the people you love most is the same time the separation makes you realize how amazing they are, and appreciate your time with them when the occasion comes. being sprawled all across the country,we have gone to live our lives and start/prepare for the future- but can always pick up right where we left off like we haven't been apart at all. graduating from BYU and now beginning grad school has and is shaping my life and future. it is what makes me who i am- what i know, what i learn and now being able to throw in what i love into the education mix is a huge blessing. there is something about studying and learning something that you have a passion for. its great. even though its challenging- i may complain about projects/papers/assignments- i really do enjoy it.

4. family- my parents and sisters have really been there for us this year. mom and dad especially- we lived with them in the early summer and i can't thank you enough for that. dad, providing me with a chance to work side by side, and learn the ropes is something that i appreciate daily. i know its a huge sacrifice. support in general is amazing- whether it be to listen to my frustrations or help build models out of foam core- you guys are amazing.

5.the Etrain- she has put up with a lot from me this year. clearly has earned some stripes or wings. her tenacity and determination for the best inspires me to be my best. she has had to sacrifice the most, with me being gone most of the time- she has always tried to be supportive and encouraging. a lot of many lonely nights and dinners all by herself makes it hard. luckily she is an amazing woman, who stands by her man like Tammy Wynnette.