Monday, April 21, 2008

tagged again

my sis-in-law Jose tagged me:
so i think i did this way back, but i will do it again for kicks and giggles. who knows, maybe i have changed?

what were you doing 5 years ago?

i was in my last area on the mish bustin heads. not really, but enjoying some really great success and getting nervous to come home. i was in pamplona, Spain...with Goose(Elder Gustaveson) and was teaching the Crespo family. Mama Julieth, Papa Robin and the lil pimp son Andres Felipe- aka "Pipe."

5 things on my to-do list today:

finish up downey highschool- (work project)
work on a sustainanable firehouse museum project (school)
drive downtown and try not to fall asleep at the wheel
take buster out

7 snacks i enjoy

fish tacos
trail mix
hint o lime tostitos with salsa
dried mangoes
kettle corn

3 bad habits

not picking up after myself
saying "like" constantly
watching tv in bed- it makes me not sleep!

5 places i've lived

encinitas, ca
the p-town bubble
all over the northern coast of spain
san elijo hills
and soon to be carmel valley...aka del mar

5 jobs i have had

bus-boy- Cask 'n Cleaver
ice cream dipper, chocolate covered banana-maker Grant's Ice Cream-del mar fair
valet- Four Seasons Aviara, Charlie's , Yellow Coyote
byu operator-BYU
CAD tech/ creative bad-a for ADG

if i were suddenly a billionaire...

i would get a new house, new compute, take a phatty vacation and invest/save the rest.

5 things people might not know about me

i am not that into computers- yes, i love macs and photoshop, but i really am not that much of a techie
i love to cook. i consider myself a culinary artist. when i do cook i enjoy an aesthetic presentation and adding little touches like cutting a strawberry into a flower on waffles
i talk in my sleep. a lot. full on conversations. if you have ever lived with me or gone on vacation with me-you were probably entertained- or really annoyed.
i worked for years on changing my laugh when i was in highschool. i used to laugh like an idiot. it was embarrassing.
almost half of my teeth have a filling in them. some teeth have multiple. soft molars and a sweet tooth are a bad combo. when i was 10 i had a brief case full of candy- like it was full of petty cash or drugs. i thought i was sooo cool.