Saturday, January 20, 2007

NYC Day 2

Our first official day in the Big Apple started off with the long trek into Manhattan from Queens via taxi-after that first night experience, the last thing we wanted to see was a subway. We got dropped off right across from Radio City Music Hall where we stopped into a deli and got some grub. Ryan and Joselyn had tickets to see the Rockettes and we were killing time before their show.

after splitting up we went over to the discount ticket booths to pick out a play for us to see. so many options, so little time. our first choice was Wicked, but you have to get those tickets years in advance so we just asked the thespian at the box office for recommendations. we ended up goin with an off-broadway gig called Altar move, very smart. the show was hillarious, gut-bustingly funny. we laughed out loud, almost to the point of tears. if you haven't heard of it, its about a mismatched christian boy band who sing to save souls. Matthew, Mark, Luke, Juan, and Abraham...funny dudes.if you ever get a chance, its worth your time.

after the show we headed on up to 5th ave to meet up with Jose and Yeen. on our way we stopped by Rockefeller Center, took a quick little ganter at the "infamous tree"-(which i wasn't blown away by) and the tiny ice skating rink. there was mad amounts of people there, we could barely move. after the tree we went into Erika's personal paradise and heavenly escape-none other than was stimulation overload for the lil blondie, and i had to take the reins and pick out all her clothes. i acted as a personal shopper for her, giving the axe to certain items, and pointing out others. she got her fill, well enough for the time we had. we also stepped into H&M for a minute and shopped some more. do you think she's excited?

we ended our quick spree and headed to Macy's to finally see the Gundi's. that is where i will take a break and continue the rest of the day. this entry is allready way too long.

stay tuned kids....