Friday, March 20, 2009


so i know most of you are away that a glorious day is upon us- this friday is the blessed and wonderful day of my birth. in fact this year is my golden birthday. thats right kids, GOLDEN.i will be 27 on fri the 27th. look out. so many of you have inquired about my birthday wishes- well, i already got what i wanted -a break from school. i just finished up a quarter last friday and have 2 weeks of cerebral freedom. i don't think 2 weeks is enough to compensate for 3 months without sleep...but some wise guy once said "you can sleep when you are dead." but, if you have to get me something, who am i to deny that pleasure? the following list is a collection of things i have my eye on. in no particular order or rank, i give you.......THE LIST:

nixon "showoff" wallet- brown.

fourstar "hayes" l/s woven flannel sz L.

flex fleece zip hoodie sz L dark heather grey or white

the strokes "magna blue logo" black. sz L

BDG School Colors Cardigan grey sz. L

nike SB blazers sz 10 black or brown

RVCA VA Patch Belt s/m

California Fleece Slim Fit Pant sz med navy

Salt Valley Plaid Western blue sz. m or l

50/50 Short Sleeve Crew Neck T sz, red. navy, heather black..any color.

rayban "wayfarers" tortoise

3D mouse-

futures fin F4 model green....check out "futures fins" on ebay

as always anything is appreciated... i am not demanding these by any means, and any one of these goodies would be great...and if i get none, that's great too. i thank you ahead of time for your interest in the glorious day of my birth.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

long lost twin?

so i have been getting a lot of heat about this at&t kid and how we are long lost brothers. there is a guy at my church who asks me every week if i have seen my twin yet. yes Smoot, i have. so i originally didn't like the fact that peple were comparing me to this kid...but eh, i am over it. so for all of you who haven't seen my twin, enjoy. i particularly like the scrubs clip- thats pretty young Tone, i suppose.