Tuesday, March 03, 2009

chortles, chuckles and gaggles oh my

today i made an arse of myself in my codes class. generally i am a quiet, kept to himself, and polite note taker in class...shocked?...but tonight was different. my neighbor Nicole sneezed on me...yes, she sneezed on me. but this just wasn't any sneeze. it was the type where she tried to stop it, but that only made it come out with more of a vengence. in the process of her trying to prevent this colossal sneeze, she muttered something...in english or any other human form of language no one will ever know...at the same time. the combo of the forcefulness of the sneeze, the weird squack that came out and the immediate look of terror and embarrassment on her face sent me through the roof.

i sat there in the back exploding...now i was faced with the same dilemma of trying not to disturb class and prevent a blow out. this act of defiance and the denial of a roaring laughter caused me to start wheezing and making little squeaking noises, similar to one of my dog's chew toys. now i was laughing not only at Nicole, but i was laughing at the high-pitched squawks coming from myself. through it all i laughed so hard i started crying. the worst part about it was i kept replaying her sneeze-yelp thing over and over, causing me to burst out into short and abrupt giggle/snort things. it was pretty awesome. thank you nicole for making a brother cry. i owe you one.