Monday, September 28, 2009

burritos or bust

so a while ago i came to the conclusion that my blog lacks consistency, both in content and in frequency, and ultimately people have lost all faith in waiting to get a glimpse of the inner-workings of the infamous mr lokestroke...however, i recently realized that there is one constant in my life- the BURRITO. yes, the taco shop staple, the bundle of joy wrapped delicately with a flour tortilla, like a baby bjorn for beans and cheese. now, stick with me for a minute, please. the bountiful burrito is the staple of my diet, and i have been around long enough to know what makes it or breaks it.

therefore, i, mr lokestroke, have been self-appointed as the burrito connoisseur . my duties, privileges and ultimately pleasures as the burrito boss is to provide you with an unbiased, detail oriented book report of sorts, review of the burrito that i eat. in a given week i usually eat 3-4 burritos, (sometimes more) so i should have plenty of ammo to offer an onslaught of succulent and tasty info for you, my faithful fans. move over anthony bourdain, a new tony is in town and ready to take on taco shops near and far.

today i dined at the classy Rudy's in La Costa-

burrito: chicken, beans and rice
verdict- this tasty blanket of beanville is a wonderful twist on the simple bean and cheese. Rudy's chicken is shredded, but has a slight, very light crunch- it is then cooked in a broth mixed with peppers. its light, yet full of flavor and the portion is generous. the beans are wonderful, the right consistency- creamy, not dry or undercooked. the spanish rice is decent, a little too moist for my taste- i prefer i drier rice to help soak up the beans and chicken juices, adding extra flavor to the rice itself.

all in all Rudy's chicken burrito gets 8 out of 10 burrito bombs- the taste, the size, and quality of ingredients are the reason for its high marks.
it would be a 8.5 or 9, but sometimes the juices of the chicken are a little too present-like today- and your burrito can have (but it is rare) the squirts.
the hot sauce at Rudy's is really good too- enough heat to make you sweat a bit, but not too much to mask the flavors of the chicken, beans and rice. Rudy and his hermanito Mario know how to throw together a good burrito!

Rudy's- muy sabroso!!!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

what the...summer is almost over?

oh crap- i have t-minus 1 week till my summer is officially over. where does the time go? i guess the ole cliche "time flies when you are having fun" could not be truer at this time. i realize that i yet again have been terrible about documenting my wonderful summer. i guess its been full of good times, good food, exotic and beautiful locations and a lot of tasty waves.i have tried to surf my brains out...get it all in until the cold hard iron fist of school hammers down on my waterlogged brain. hopefully i can remember how to be a student again.

some of my favorite moments include, but are not limited to the following:

the napoli coast of Kauai- thanks mom and dad for an amazing trip! (and jess for the pics i stole from your blog)

larry the cable guy with the old man

GIT R DONE! i don't think i have ever laughed so hard for so long in all my life. one of his best bits was on the infamous Snuggie- yes, you know what i am talking about. he broke character he was laughing so hard about the concept of it the words of Larry : "if you don't know how to work a blanket, hell, you deserve to be cold" but lets be honest here, shall we? the snuggie has gotten a lot of hype. Selma Hayek immortalized it when she told Tina Fey: "Lemon, isn’t there a Slanket somewhere you should be filling with your farts?" the snuggie is something that everyone clowns, but secretly lusts after.

case and point:

my parents got this "Snuggie Couture" for E-train's 25th b-day. the funniest part about it, is the fact that she longs for it all day long. towards the end of every night, i hear the same thing "All I want to do is get home and put on my snuggie!" kudos mom and dad, kudos. if any of you know E, you realize how bizarre this is- mrs couture herself, the fashionista, and the stylistic inspiration for women near and far, loves nothing more than her leopard-print blanket with sleeves.