Tuesday, September 12, 2006

the man, the myth, the legend...

sometimes pictures speak louder than words...

Sunday, September 10, 2006

mr. & mrs. N1X0N

so this weekend was pretty fun. we hung out with ty and jenny brown saturday night and enjoyed ourselves thoroughly. the browns have been away in AZ for the summer and now have graced the p-town bubble with their presence. we went to our new favorite joint- the happy sumo and exposed them to some quality japanese food. the service sucked, and our waitress was a complete moron, but she did give us free drinks and appetizers because she struggles at life. so that was cool. it was definitely good to hang out with ty and jen again- they are kinda like cartoon characters... especially ty. seriously hillarious. we were able to finally give them their wedding gift. its always fun to see how people react to presents. its more exciting to give than to recieve in my opinion.we had an awesome time, and spent like 40 min on ty's mac photobooth- here are some of the highlights:

puppy news: our lil pup comes on tues at 12:00. we are both goin nuts with anticipation. the name is still up in the air. we are waiting to see him, and hopefully it will just come to us. we went to petco. on thursday and got all this puppy stuff in preparation for our lil guy.

mr. metro is still in full effect. i got another facial on saturday- this time a chemical peel and an oatmeal mask. in true spirit of mr loke stroke, i snacked on the oats as e-train put them on my face. not quite like quaker oatmeal- needed some brown sugar and honey!

provo madness- so today was the stake regional conference in the bubble. translation: pres. monson came and spoke at the marriot center. it was mayhem. took us 45 min to get to the marriot ctr., then by the time we got parking, the place was filled to capacity and they had to turn people away! only in provo, my friends.

we are glad to find out that clint and jess finally finished their maiden voyage and returned to san diego!