Monday, October 09, 2006


so saturday was an eventful day for mr loke stroke. i decided to help a brother out-a mr T. Brown- with his car. the car has had issues since he has been up here, so i gave him a tow to the dealership. it was the first time i had ever given anyone a tow, and i must say that the Taco performed beautifully.
everything was going well. there was a little scare going down ty's hill, when his breaks barely worked-luckily he didn't rear end me. but it was a fine trip from north springville to the chevy dealer on university ave. Luckily for us, it was a BYU gameday-or maybe not so lucky-depending on if your a football fan- but the traffic was thick, so lots of stop and go. all this stop and go caused a few jerks when the tow roped tightened up. As we were turning into the turn lane to go into the dealership, suddenly i noticed that my load seemed a little lighter. I looked in my rear-view, and saw ty sitting there laughing his head off.

fortunately for us, we only had to push the blazer about 50 ft into the chevy repair shop. because the rope had gotten tugged at a few times, the knot was pretty much impossible to get off. I had to cut the rope off by using a razor blade for about 20 min of incessant slicing. but i got it off and me and ty still chuckle at the thought of our little adventure.

nothin but love t brown. nothin but.