Sunday, April 01, 2007

quarter of a century?

so i realize that it has been quite some time since i have updated anyone on the infamous blog. my apologies. i am sure there are fans out there waiting to hear something new in the wonderful world of mr. lokestrokestroke. the biggest news- I turned 25 last tuesday. yup, the big 2-5. its kinda weird to think that i am now 25, but i am enjoyin it. the big day was pretty sweet, i must admit. if there was one thing missing that day it would have to be a sweet cake by Duff from Ace of Cakes.

etrain's cake was more than enough for me and my closest friends. I was spoiled week by Mama lokestroke. my mom came out ib ny b-day and spen the rest of the week taking care of me and erika. she's the best. the day itself was pretty low key. i was actually suffering from some sort of head cold, so i spent most of the day sleeping. NICE!! when i was awake, i enjoyed the compay of my beautiful wife, my closest friends, and my great mother. I guess you can say that i got really spoiled this year, and got hooked up presents-wise. thank you all, those of you who gave me monetary gifts and those who gave me your time and company. i feel your love. one of the sweetest things that i scored was a water-proof housing for my ipod so i can surf with some tunes. aww yeah. can't wait to try it out. also my new system for the tacoma with the ipod adapter-it rocks my world. new clothes and gift certificates, a sweet, i am one lucky lil' mexican. here is a few thangs that i am lovin these days:

now all these things are dope as all get out, but more important are the people who gave them to me. i consider myself extremely lucky, and i am grateful for an amazing in every way wife, a wonderful family, amazing in-laws, and the best friends anyone could imagine.

what has changed since i have turned 25? not much really. i certainly don't feel any older or any more mature. especially now that i picked up Guitar Hero II with the cash grandma sent. thanks grandma!!

serioulsy though, i think 25 will be a good year. graduating from BYU, moving back to San Diego, starting grad school at NSAD to work on a masters in architecture, working side by side with papa lokestroke at Aquatic Design Group.... its gunna be a hard one to beat.