Saturday, September 30, 2006

mr loke stroke at the strokes...

boys night out and what did we do? rocked the casbah like it was our job. the night started out a little, shakey...On board with us was Jacob "sign me up..." Melzer, Corporate Marlo, Tyson aka "capitan" Brown and myself. So as we are headin north up to the great SLC Marlo pulls out his ticket and asks us where we got ours. thats when it hit me. MY TICKET!! not in my pocket, my wallet or in my hand, but taped nicely to my pottery barn message center in my house. shoot. but alas, i was not alone, my friends. ty brown also left his golden ticket in his casita. so a 40 min detour later and we we on the road again, pointed in the right direction, tickets close to our hearts. luckily Melzer has premium traffic driving skillz, and we made it up in time.

we met up with the rest of our crew- half the members of the infamous Otters: Joel "i used to date a grandma" Baer and Nate Barnes. Along with them came "philipino Jeremy." the final member of the crew showed up about 15 minutes later...none other than the ring leader himself Zachy James. I am goin to be real honest with you folks...i wasn't exactly thrilled to see mr. james. Zach is one of those kids who makes life interesting- sometimes in a good way, sometimes in a bad way. its a love/ hate relationship with the kid. just like zach himself, its all or nothing. But, Zach proved to swing things for the better this time around and got us all pumped and crazy during the show.

oh the word: Glorious. the music and the crowd anyway. the band- i have never seen anyone as wasted as lead singer Julian Casablancas before. he was trippin on something, but luckily was coherent enough to perform amazingly. the crowd was fun. theres nothing like goin to a show 10 deep with bros. its been a while since i was completely saturated with sweat-most of which was not my own- from head to toe. its kind of amazing sometimes when you are at a concert and a complete stranger all of the sudden becomes your best friend-just for liking the same music and gettin into it. thats how it went down, our crew joined forces with the neighboring groups with camaraderie for the Strokes. its also amazing how fun it is to go nuts, with some of your closest friends.

the best song of the night for me was "Reptilia," or maybe their opening diddy "You only live Once." another highlight of the night was tossing Zach up into the crowd to crowd surf. what a nut. the only bad thing about the show, was that their set wasn't very long.they should have played a couple more, but hey thats rock stars for ya.

other highlights of the night:
going to Chevron for gatorade. as melzer went to pay, the cashier took his debit card and put it down her bra. sick as all get out, but made us laugh none the less.
Del Taco- marlo talking about a movie character "Chinegro"- those of who know, laugh now

Tyson took some sic pics throughout the night so be on the look out for the next update.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

a small recap

this here is my new addiction and release. me and erika tivo scrubs evrynight. its freakin hillarious. But on to more important things. like what was done before, i shall impress you with a hit list of exciting crap that has gone down on the past two weeks.

bustin' my chops...
we have had buster for two weeks now. time flies when you are having fun. our "lil baby bus" as e-train likes to call him is growing like a weed and is one smart cookie. in two weeks we have taught him how to go up and down stairs and he is getting way better at not leaving his special trademark in the house. after two weeks, i would asy thats pretty darn good. i also taught him how to fetch. yeah, he got skillz.

da birfday girl-

Etrain turned the big double duece on the 19th. i can speak for her when i say that she got pretty hooked up on her special day. mom and pop etrain were in town for the weekend and they treated us right.thats fo sho!! erika spent the day with her mom, doing "girl stuff" was pampered by yours truly--a special breakfast on the big red plate, some amazing gifts, a foot massage...we had a party in her honor too. it was good to see such good friends all in one place. we seriously have the best friends in the world. highlight of the party was watching erika light up like a four year old when she asked people to sing "happy birthday" while she blew out her candles. man she's cute! a special shot out to all you who hooked her up- you know who you are. she seriously was stoked off everyone's interest and love.

some exciting news is that we are goin to the big apple in december! we found a sweet deal and gave that to each other for our x-mas present. we will be goin to NYC with yeen and jose-aka ryan and joselyn- erika is extatic. she has never been before, and has been dying to go. we can't wait.

ok,ok. so i lied. my life is not as exciting as anticipated. but i love it. the past two weeks have been busy with work, school and taking care of our child. i am not one of those crazy dog persons who thinks their dog is all there is in life, so don't get any crazy ideas about me calling buster our child. BUT, it is a big responsibility to have a pup, he keeps us on our toes and i am glad he is ours.

here is some more scrubs for you to nibble on...